Blog Experiments with Printed Page

Armin Vit, the founder and editor of the Under Consideration:

We get so used to seeing projects as 600-pixel images on Behance, or a collection of ‘posters’ on Flickr, or in some weird Tumblr layout, that we just assume this is the resolution and canvas limit for this project. There was nothing more gratifying during the layout of the project than taking an image and blowing it up 200% or 300% from its original size, or showing something as a full-bleed spread. There is something about a full-bleed spread that a website will never, ever capture.

UC.Quarterly is a summary of the most interesting, relevant, and simply fun-to-see projects published each quarter across UnderConsideration’s network of blogs: Brand New, FPO, Art of the Menu, and Quipsologies. Projects are presented in no particular order and without explanatory text—just their title, credit, and a link that references the original post on the appropriate blog. UC.Q is intended to serve not as a comprehensive report but a heavily-packed, assorted collection of projects worth exploring on each own’s time.