App-pocalypse Now

Coding Horror on apps vs. web: If there’s one thing I love about tablet and phone design it’s that their small screens and touch interfaces force people to think simpler. This is a good thing. But if you don’t eventually … Continue reading

The Tedium of Success Theater

Jenna Wortham‘s big problem with social media: But I’m growing tired of seeing everyone’s perfectly framed, glittering nightscapes of the Manhattan skyline, their impeccably prepared meals, those beautifully blurred views of the world from an airplane window seat… We’ve become … Continue reading

Mandatory iPhone photography

The Chicago Sun-Times announced that it had laid off its entire photojournalism staff and would rely on freelance photographers and reporters instead. The Sun-Times plans to rely on reporters to take photos and videos and has begun mandatory “iPhone photography … Continue reading

Simple Living

Nadia Plesner: I had felt irritated before with the way some parts of mass media prioritize between world matters and celebrity gossip, but something about seeing it like this sparked the idea of doing something… My thought was: Since doing … Continue reading

Print is Still Dying

Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast on why print publications cannot compete with people on the Internet: And as magazine stands disappear as relentlessly as bookstores, I also began to wonder what a magazine really is. Can it even exist … Continue reading

The Influencing Machine

Brooke Gladstone’s The Influencing Machine: I see our most hallowed journalistic institutions crumbling, I see the business model that relied on mass audiences being displaced, with stunning speed, by one that survives by aggregating millions of tiny, targeted audience fragments. … Continue reading

Print Media

New Yorker Magazine cartoonist, Liza Donnelly: The future of print media is, to put it mildly, uncertain. I don’t read any magazines any more (except for, ahem, The New Yorker. I have to say that)…