Sight Over Sound

In a study by Chia-Jung Tsay, who last year earned a Ph.D. in organizational behavior with a secondary Ph.D. field in music, nearly all participants — including highly trained musicians — were better able to identify the winners of competitions … Continue reading

New Language Online

Nick Bilton on pictures for communication instead of documentation: Photos, once slices of a moment in the past — sunsets, meetings with friends, the family vacation — are fast becoming an entirely new type of dialogue. The cutting-edge crowd is … Continue reading

The Tedium of Success Theater

Jenna Wortham‘s big problem with social media: But I’m growing tired of seeing everyone’s perfectly framed, glittering nightscapes of the Manhattan skyline, their impeccably prepared meals, those beautifully blurred views of the world from an airplane window seat… We’ve become … Continue reading

The N Word

AIGA on the word ‘nice’: “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity,” wrote George Orwell. If indeed there was a more insincere word applied to art and design I haven’t heard it, and I presume the man who coined … Continue reading

Mandatory iPhone photography

The Chicago Sun-Times announced that it had laid off its entire photojournalism staff and would rely on freelance photographers and reporters instead. The Sun-Times plans to rely on reporters to take photos and videos and has begun mandatory “iPhone photography … Continue reading

Selling Out

Creator of “Calvin and Hobbes,” Bill Watterson’s Kenyon College Commencement speech: Selling out is usually more a matter of buying in. Sell out, and you’re really buying into someone else’s system of values, rules and rewards.The so-called “opportunity” I faced … Continue reading

2013 Logo Trends

Logo Lounge: The standard solution usually involved a graphic being placed in each of the four quadrants formed by these items—a client’s initials, a foundation date, a name, a crown, a simple icon or symbol of some kind. The first … Continue reading


Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity: Anyone trying to create a simple anything–a product, a piece of communication, a service, an experience, a law or regulation–must be ruthless when it comes to editing, purifying, or, to use a harsher word, … Continue reading

A $300 Axe

Unlike cars or wristwatches, an axe has the sole purpose of being pure utility and yet we’ve managed to add some designs to the handle and turn a product of a simple life into a commodity worth $300.00.