Don’t Conflate Making Money with Making Successful Products

Alan Cooper, software programmer and designer, says businesses are sociopathic:

Humans have a conscience. Humans who lack one are sick, and we call them sociopaths. Businesses are cultural structures without a mind, and therefore have no conscience. All businesses are inherently sociopathic…

Unconstrained businesses loot marketplaces, and loot established companies. They destroy communities and plunder their wealth as the citizens go under. The most skilled of modern business people buy companies with leverage, sell off the assets, lay off the workers, steal their pensions, outsource the processes, borrow on what’s left, hide the cash in offshore accounts, and then let the beloved national brand go bankrupt. They are like sharks: a giant muscle that eats, and never stops eating. They’d eat their tails if they could only reach them.

October 15, 2019